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Want to Learn More About Same Day ACH Payments?

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Want to Learn More About Same Day ACH Payments?

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Want to Learn More About Same Day ACH Payments?

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Same Day ACH: Moving payments faster.

Same-day processing for ACH payments is coming

ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments are central to e-commerce in the U.S. Today, ACH payments can move money and information from one bank account to another, such as through direct deposit, tax payments, bill payments, etc. During a two phased Industry change occurring in September 2016 and September 2017, there are changes that offer the option to speed-up the ACH payments process. This process is called Same Day ACH. Same Day ACH will allow all domestic banks, including M&T, to receive certain ACH credits and debits on the same-day that the credit was sent out by up-stream, originating banks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Same Day ACH?

Same Day ACH is a universal same-day capability for most ACH Transactions. It builds upon the existing ACH network, establishing a new option for same-day clearing and settlement via ACH. The new rule requires all receiving financial institutions to receive sameday transactions and provide faster funds availability to all clients. Origination of Same Day ACH transactions will be optional for originating financial institutions to offer to their clients.

When will Same Day ACH be implemented?

Same Day ACH is rolling out in two phases. The first phase consists of sending credit transactions only and will be implemented on September 23, 2016. Client funds availability for credit transactions will be made available by M&T Bank at approximately by 5pm ET. All banks are required to receive same day ACH credit transactions. Phase 2 is being implemented on September 15, 2017 and includes debit transactions.

Why was Same Day ACH created?

The rule was created to provide a new, universal capability for moving ACH payments faster. Currently, most ACH payments settle the next business day. This rule can offers businesses and consumers a new option to quickly pay bills and receive funds faster.

Are there any limitations for Same Day eligible transactions?

Yes. Same Day ACH transactions cannot be international transactions (IATs), and cannot exceed $25,000. 

Is this a real time payment?

No. Real time payments post within seconds to an account and settlement happens immediately. Same Day ACH just moves settlement and posting to the same day, rather than the typical next day ACH settlement and posting. 

How do same day ACH transactions differ from wire transactions?

Wire transfers differ from Same Day ACH transactions in the sense that Wires process faster (earlier in the day), can be conducted for amounts greater than $25,000 and can be sent both domestically and internationally. Additionally, Wire transactions are irrevocable, while Same Day ACH transactions will continue to allow reversals to be attempted.

Will Commercial and Business Banking customers be allowed to originate Same Day ACH transactions?

Yes. Even though originating same day ACH transactions is optional for financial institutions, M&T is pleased to offer this service in the coming weeks. This service can be offered to approved direct transmission and Web InfoPLU$® origination clients.

Is there a fee to originate Same Day ACH transactions?

Yes, there will be a fee to originate Same Day ACH transactions. All fees will be assessed through the Account Analysis process.

How will this affect the consumer?

Over time, consumers may notice availability of credit funds sooner in their account or even a debit transaction a day earlier.

Will consumers be able to send same day ACH transactions?

No. Origination of all ACH transactions is only offered to Commercial and Business Banking customers at M&T Bank. 

What are Same Day ACH Debit Transactions?

Same Day ACH Debit Transactions are similar to traditional ACH payments, except that Same Day ACH Debit Transactions will post and debit receivers’ accounts the same day they are originated. This differs from the existing (traditional) ACH schedule, where transactions typically do not post to a receiver’s account until the business day after they were originally processed.

When will Same Day ACH for Debit Transactions be implemented?

M&T Bank will be able to receive Same Day ACH Debit Transactions beginning September 15, 2017.

What are the benefits of Same Day ACH debits for receivers?

Same Day ACH Debits can allow receivers to make payments on the date they are due or allow for a late payment to be debited to their account earlier (provided the company creating the payment offers Same Day ACH Debits as an option).

What are the benefits Same Day ACH Debits for originators?

  • Improved Liquidity – Same Day ACH Debit Origination allows for faster cash collection giving you a one day advantage to maximize cash liquidity
  • Business-to-Business Payments – allow your vendor to debit your account today for faster settlement of invoice payments. This will accelerate the release of goods and can include remittance information with the payment
  • Account-to-Account Transfers – allows for faster movement of money among various accounts owned by a single organization or customer, even across multiple banks

How will Same Day ACH Debit Origination work?

  • After our October 2017 launch, clients will be able to originate Same Day ACH Debits so they can receive funds in the same evening (after close of business).
  • When processing, they will have to select the settlement date of “today” rather than the tomorrow. All ACH debits need to be sent out before 12:30pm ET via Web Info and Web InfoPLU$® and 1pm ET via direct transmission
  • These transactions will have the same BAI Code Reports on Previous Day

How do clients sign up for Same Day ACH Origination?

In October, simply contact your dedicated Treasury Management Sales Consultant or the Commercial Service Team for more information.

What are the considerations for customers that wish to originate ACH Debit transactions?

Customers that sign up for and are approved for Same Day ACH Debit Origination need to pay attention to the Effective Entry Date of their ACH files. The Effective Entry Date needs to be the same date as the current date.

Customers should review the authorization language that is included with their agreements in order to ensure that the terms are clear and easily understandable regarding the timing of such debits. Customers should consult with their legal counsel for any questions they have surrounding the authorization terms within their agreements.

What are the considerations that receivers need to be aware of regarding Same Day ACH Debits?

With this industry change coming into effect, same-day debit transactions will now post and debit Receivers’ accounts on the same day they were originated. This means that Receivers need to ensure that their accounts have adequate funds to cover any Same Day ACH Debits that may post a day sooner than previously expected.

Corporate clients that are enrolled in ACH Fraud Review and Approval need to ensure they log on to ACH Monitor on a regular basis to review payments and make appropriate decisions within the allotted timeframe.

For more information about Same Day ACH, please contact your Relationship Manager or our dedicated Commercial Service Team Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm ET